Board the Ship

2:00 PM, March 9, 2020
MV Celebrity Infinity
Cruise Ship, MIAMI, FL -

Prior reservation and booking required at least 6 months in advance; see the Travel & Cruise page

DAY 1, Mon, Mar 9, Miami -Embarkation
DAY 2, Tue, Mar 10, Key West Florida
DAY 3, Wed, Mar 11, At Sea - Wedding Day
DAY 4, Thu, Mar 12, Cozumel Mexico
DAY 5, Fri, Mar 13 At Sea
DAY 6, Sat, Mar 14, Miami - Disembarkation
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Family & Friends informal first gathering

5:00 PM, March 9, 2020
TBD - Gather somewhere onboard
--, Miami, FL -

Family & Friends informal get-together and kiss-a-thon (left cheek, right cheek!).

--we are ironing out the details, please stay tuned for more information.
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Port stop - KEY West

7:00 AM, March 10, 2020
Port Day 7am to 5pm
Cruise Ship Docks, Key West, FL 33040

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Wedding Ceremony

2:00 PM, March 11, 2020
MV Celebrity Infinity
Cruise Ship - AT SEA, AT SEA, Key Largo, FL -

The wedding cruise will be a 5 day cruise departing Miami, FL. (see above)

The wedding itself will occur on the first sea day, while the ship is out at sea. This will be a full Nautical Wedding performed by the captain, under the laws of the country of Malta (the ship's flag).
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Reception and Celebration

4:00 PM, March 11, 2020
TBD - Expect somewhere that takes full advantage of your Beverage Packages!
-, Key Largo, FL -

Details are coming soon
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Disco Raid and Takeover

10:00 PM, March 11, 2020
The best 'disco' bar and dance floor - TBD
-, key largo, fl 0

(Marc): Nathan says we can't do this... I say watch us!

Celebrity Cruises doesn't know this but we will raid and take over the best disco and rock it! Stay tuned for more info....

What's plan B? If not the nightclub, we expect to take over Rendez Vous Lounge or even a swath of the Martini Bar.
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Port Stop - COZUMEL Mexico

7:00 AM, March 12, 2020
Port Day - 7am to 6pm
Costera Sur, Costera Sur, Cozumel 77600

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Kelly Schmidt