Board the Ship

1:00 PM, March 9, 2020

MV Celebrity Infinity

Cruise Ship, MIAMI, FL -

{itinerary for reference only}
DAY 1, Mon, Mar 9, Miami -Embarkation
DAY 2, Tue, Mar 10, Key West Florida
DAY 3, Wed, Mar 11, At Sea - Wedding Day
DAY 4, Thu, Mar 12, Cozumel Mexico
DAY 5, Fri, Mar 13 At Sea
DAY 6, Sat, Mar 14, Miami - Disembarkation
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Sail AWAY - Optional, see details

4:00 PM, March 9, 2020


Deck 11 - Foreward elevators, walk back towards Aft, Midship, mezzanine overlooking pool, Miami, FL -

If you can tear yourself away from the buffet (seriously, save your appetite for the good stuff!), come join us for Sail Away from ~4pm to ~5pm

This is not a gathering but an opportunity to bump into each other and see the Miami skyline as we pull away from the dock and start our journey together.

Assuming great weather, we plan watch the ship pull away from Deck 11, midship above the pool. There's a hard to get to "hidden" bar that most don't find on day 1, the MAST BAR.

Should the weather be foul OR if the bar not be open, we will watch Sail-Away from the Constellation lounge (deck 11 Forward elevators, go forward into the lounge)
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Family & Friends first & Nightly gathering

6:00 PM, March 9, 2020

Martini Bar

DECK 4, Midship, Celebrity INFINITY, Miami, FL -

Family & Friends informal get-together and kiss-a-thon (left cheek, right cheek!).
  • EVERY NIGHT, Our informal get-together will always be a few hours up to and leading to our dinner in the main restaurant at 8:30 pm, in the same spot : the iconic Martini Bar, generally starting at 6pm.
  • NOTE that if there's a show you will want to go to before dinner, then just adjust to arrive at the Martini Bar for your drinks before the show.

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Port stop - KEY West

7:00 AM, March 10, 2020

Port Day 7am to 5pm

Cruise Ship Docks, On Your Own Fun!, Key West, FL 33040

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Wedding Ceremony

2:50 PM, March 11, 2020

MV Celebrity Infinity

BLU, Deck 5 Aft, Celebrity Infinity, Key Largo, FL -

Location: BLU Private Restaurant
Deck : Deck 5, Aft (back) Port (left if facing forward)
from aft Elevators, face stairs, use corridor on right, behind stairs
DATE: WED - 11 March 2020
3 PM - CEREMONY {please arrive early}
3:20 PM - Cake cutting and partaking (all)
~3::45 - 4 PM - Pickup gift and conclude in Blu, transit to next event.

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Apres Ceremony - Mix 'N' Mingle Celebration

4:05 PM, March 11, 2020

Ocean View Bar and Deck

Deck 10 Aft,, Outdoor Bar -----, Key Largo, FL -

Once we have concluded all activities in Blu, around 4pm, we will all head over to the OceanView Bar, Deck 10, Aft (back of ship) until about 5:30 or 6p. The wedding couple will be hopping around for a few photos outdoors, then meet you there for informal drinks.
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Reception DINNER

8:00 PM, March 11, 2020

Tuscan Grille - Deck 3. Midship

Celebrity Infinity, Miami, FL -

We will break from the OceanView around ~6pm to freshen up, or earlier if you desire.

The festivities will continue at our usual pre-dinner beverage location -- the MARTINI BAR deck from ~7pm - ~8pm

Starting from 7:45, to 8:15, staggered arrival.

*** we will try to get everyone's reservation at 8pm*** You can call the restaurant for your specific reservation time; we will be confirming our time on embarkation day.

***REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR SPECIALTY DINING VOUCHER *** This was our gift to you and would have been delivered on embarkation day in your cabin.

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Port Stop - COZUMEL Mexico

7:00 AM, March 12, 2020

Port Day - 7am to 6pm

Costera Sur, Costera Sur, Cozumel 77600

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Disco Raid and Takeover

10:00 PM, March 12, 2020

The best 'disco' bar and dance floor

TBD Location, Cozumel, FL -

(Marc): Nathan says we can't do this... I say watch us!

Celebrity Cruises doesn't know this but we will raid and take over the best disco and rock it! Stay tuned for more info....

What's plan B? If not the nightclub, we expect to take over Rendez Vous Lounge or even a swath of the Martini Bar.
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Friends & Family Farewell Mix N Mingle

6:00 PM, March 13, 2020

Martini Bar

Deck 4, Midship, Celebrity Infinity, Miami, FL -

Our final gathering before our last supper together!
same spot : the iconic Martini Bar.

Farewell hugs and kiss-a-thon (left cheek, right cheek!).
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Kelly Schmidt