Marc and Nathan

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Our Story

Marc (born Nassim Marcel Kassouf) and Nathan (Samuel Nathan De Petris), met in the most unlikely of ways.

In early 2003, Marc was working for Toyota Financial Services as a Systems Analyst and Project Manager, making a routine visit to Phoenix to one of the company's regional office locations. He'd been in town for about a week, working exhausting 12 hour days that typically ended in ordering room service and collapsing on the bed at the local Embassy Suites (ugh). One March 10th, an auspicious day, as he was collapsing onto that same bed, Marc forced himself to go out to eat. There was a gay bar (Pookie's Bar & Restaurant, really!), just on the other side of town and they served food. More importantly, and for those of you who know Marc, the bar/restaurant was giving double 10 air miles / points per dollar spent. So Marc, being Marc, figured he could 1) get some food, 2) hit a gay bar, and 3) earn points while 4) expensing it all to the company.... WOW, what a deal! Little did he know the bargain he was going to get!

As Marc sat minding his own business, eating what was possibly the worst tortilla soup on the planet, he kept catching the eyes of this young guy across the way. Not my type, Marc thought, too young (mind you Nathan IS the older one!), and way too skinny (that would change soon enough with Marc's cooking!!). Anyway, back to the story, Not my type, Marc thought. Apparently, that other gentleman had a habit of being coy and overly unapproachable, a reputation even with the local server, who was serving both tables that night. Casually, the server saunters over to Marc and asks "Do you like that guy over there"... at this point, Marc's memory is a bit hazy since everything happened so fast: The next thing her remembers is the server literally grabbing and dragging this guy over to Marc, who was mid-slurp in his soup (waste not want not, no matter how bad it was, he had to eat!). "This is Nathan, Nathan, this is the guy you've been staring at for the last 20 minutes.... have fun!" and with that arguably cupid's most nefarious avatar left, never to be seen from again (Marc never did get his main course, just the Desert).

What followed were weeks and months of courting that could make a tele-novella writer weep with envy: Dining at the infamous 'family' steakhouse in Phoenix, flying from LA to Phoenix or Phoenix to LA for just a day or two in a cute lodge with Godiva Chocolates, to an insane amount of flowers that Nathan kept buying Marc (and Marc kept forgetting to buy). At one point, Marc felt so bad at having NOT bought Nathan any flowers that he ordered a glass-preserved rose with a stem dipped in gold, hand fashioned a box with a laser engraved poem (that he wrote), and packaged a gift to show his unending love for Nathan. This all culminated when Nathan and Marc went on their first travels together, a cruise aboard a ship out of Miami!

Join us as we build the next volume in our story where it all began, aboard a cruise ship sailing from Miami with you our loved ones, family and friends!
Kelly Schmidt