FEBRUARY 2019 update: DATE CHANGE!!! C'est La Vie!

The Bad News: Due to a dramatic and highly unusual Deployment change by the cruise lines (read: they chartered the ENTIRE ship for a pair of disco cruises) the entire sailing on 2/10/2020 when we were scheduled to board has been CANCELLED

The Good News: We've rescheduled for a 3/11/2020 wedding date, with boarding of the ship on 3/9/2020, same ship same itinerary and we will sail on through!

More Bad News: Pricing was not honored by the cruise lines... for various lengthy and technical reasons, Celebrity Cruises was only willing to honor and protect pricing on other February dates, but not in March... Pricing for most wedding guests will increase by ~$70 per person, some a little less.

Even Better Good News: But hold on! This wouldn't be Marc & Nathan if we just let that happen to all of us! For everyone already booked, we negotiated an extra $200 off per PERSON ($400 per cabin ore more) which more than makes up for the price increase. We also got an additional $100 per cabin (some will get $200) in On Board Credits for the inconvenience. These On Board Credits are only for those of you who had booked before 10/15/2018. We hope you'll agree, that this is Even Better Good News, and more than makes up for any pice increase for most of you...

Everyone who was booked on the Feb cruise has already been rebooked on the new March cruise.... You all have the beverage package as well(oh, did I forget to mention we got to keep that too!!), and now you can upgrade (optionally) for a few dollars more to a premium... or book a shore excursion, or just go shopping in the onboard shops and get some swag for free with a few hundred bucks!

***Special Note: All of you who were booked before 2019 started have the best pricing. You do not have all four amenities in the current promotions, you have two (and a half). However your pricing upfront is several hundred dollars lower than the current promotion, and just a few dollars less net/net when everything is figured in***

NEWEST PROMOTIONAL Pricing Through end of MARCH (Apr 1) 2019 ONLY

If you haven't RSVPd and booked your cruise through the official travel agaency, DON'T MISS OUT! These specials are offered a few times a year, and the cruise line just extended the January promotion (but increased prices a bit). There's no guarantee Celebrity will continue to offer such good promotions in 2019 in time for the cruise or before it starts to book up.

Take advantage of :
SPECIAL Promotional pricing with $200 to up to $300 off per person, 50% off the 4rd and 4th in a cabin (so bring the family!), and two amenties:
Classic Alcohol Beverage Package, WIFI, or Onboard Cash Credit

NEWS - check back often!

Any information or additional news will be added here as the planning gets in full gear. We'll also announce any promotions or specials, but the Early Bird gets the best cruise values!
Kelly Schmidt